Inner child

I was told by my energy healer / counselor that I need to spend some time with me as a little kid. The version of me who felt alone and unloved and unworthwhile. Not a ton of time, just a few minutes every day. I’ve been trying to do that, and I thought I’d share with you how that was going.

I imagine in my mind this adorable little kid. You know, because of course I was adorable. And his eyes are sad. I wrap him up in my arms and tell him how much I love him. How great he is. What a marvelous future he has ahead of him. His unlimited potential. I’m practically crying because I know how much this must mean to him.

I tell him not to believe it if anyone makes him think he’s not worthwhile. And about this time he starts to squirm. But I keep holding him, because it’s only been like 20 seconds. But his little flailing legs are hitting me in the ribs. I tell him to hold still; he needs to be held.

Finally, I let go. “Fine, kid,” I say. “Go play.” And then under my breath as he scampers off: “you little pill.” I look at my watch. Thirty-two seconds.

Do you think that’s what she had in mind?

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That’s my truth. What’s yours?

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