It’s actually happening. Call me crazy, but I was sure it was going to get cancelled. I didn’t know what excuse to expect, but I was certain that something would come up that would prevent us from going.

I’m normally an optimist. But I didn’t see how I would actually be able to pull off a multi-day trip with just Girlfriend and me. She has young children. She has obligations at home. Even after we made the reservations, I was sure it couldn’t actually work out. But Mr. Wonderful took some time off from his work so that he could care for the children, and tomorrow morning Girlfriend and I are headed to Seattle for a weekend getaway.

We’re calling it our sugarmoon. Similar to a honeymoon. But no marriage required. No guest lists. No toaster ovens. Just a few days for just the two of us. Pretty crazy.

We’re actually going to be staying just outside of Seattle in a little cabin. We’ll spend one day in the big city, one day secluded at the cabin, and the rest of the short trip will be spent driving to and from Seattle.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been this excited before in my life. And a little scared, too. It really is going to happen, right? Nothing can cancel it this late in the process. Right? I don’t know what it is. I want it so bad that I don’t dare even hope that it’ll actually happen. And yet, tomorrow morning we’re going to be leaving.

Breathe. That’s what I have to do. And try to get to sleep tonight.

Like a kid waiting for Santa. Wondering if tomorrow morning will bring presents or coal. That’s how I feel tonight.

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